Report on Aatidonji Koota - SAROSH

Aug 7, 2017

On 7th August 2017 "Aatidonji Koota", the Traditional Tulunadu Festival was organized by Sarosh Institute of Hotel Administration, Mangalore. It focused on the vibrant culture of Tulunadu.

Chief Guest Ms. Jayalaxmi Adyar, Principal Prof. Amar Z Cherian, Senior Lecturers Ms. Veda J Rai and Mr. Donald D'souza, President Pavan Alva and Secretary Mohammad Sadik were present. The programme began with the Lamp Lightening Ceremony, Prayer and the Inauguration of the programme was done by playing Channemane by the Chief Guest. Chennemane has been the popular indoor game played during aati. The other two games are "Chenne Chanduranga: and "Ekkadi". As there was not much activity in the agriculture field during this month, our forefathers preferred to play Chennemane.

Aati festival in Mangalore in one of the regional festivals of the territory. The Nalke Community in Mangalore believes in sprits. They believe that Kalanja, who is a minor spirit, protests the village folks during the aati month, according to the Tulu Calendar, It is considered to b e the most unfavorable month. During this time, the evil spirits are raid to come alive. The month of Aati is compared to hell by our ancestors. In order to showcase this Tradition, Aati Kalenja dance, folk dance and skit was performed by the students of the College. But the major attraction was the lunch, with mouth-watering dishes of Tulunadu. The dishes included Panaka, Manjal iretha Addey, PelakayAddey, Kottige - Padengi Ghasi, Thimare Chutney, Tevu- Ambade Chutney, Ettidapodi Chutney, Uppadachil, Tajank pelathari Palya, Kanile-Padengi Upkari, Pathrode, Menthe Ganji, Tevudantda Sambar, Punarpuli Rasam, Saraneda addey. These disher are unique in Tulunadu The intention of organising this event to see that the younger generation do not forget our tradition, tasty and healthy dishes. The entire programme was much appreciated by all the guest present.